Research on the interface of Chemistry, Biology and Materials

Chemical Biology
Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology
Developing new synthetic methods for the efficient preparation of biologically important molecules. more>
Unravelling the molecular basis of genetic diversity at the RNA level. more>
Devising new approaches for the construction of electronic and medical diagnostic devices using nucleic acids. more>

December 2021

We welcome two new PhD students Helena and Admir to the group

February 2021

We welcome Ruby and Naser to the group as new-starts for 2021!

October 2020

We welcome Dr Alex Axer (Gilmour group, Muenster) and Otto Linden (GSK iCASE studentship) to the group!

Literature spotlight
January 2020

Check out how modified SAM cofactors enhance enzymatic C-alkylation of small molecules. [link]

We thank M. Fischler (Prof. Simon, RWTH Aachen) for the SEM picture.