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Chemical Biology
Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology
Developing new synthetic methods for the efficient preparation of biologically important molecules. more>
Unravelling the molecular basis of genetic diversity at the RNA level. more>
Devising new approaches for the construction of electronic and medical diagnostic devices using nucleic acids. more>

March 2019

A warm welcome to Barbara and Fergus to the group!

February 2019

Cover art featuring our latest paper in Chemistry – A European Journal. Thanks again to Khalid and Giacomo. [link]

December 2018

We welcome new PhD recruits Emma Alexander and Roderick Bunschoten, undergraduates David O’Donnell and Callum Grant to the group.

Congratulations to Khalid and Giacomo in getting their new polyamide binding paper out in collaboration with the Dynamic Biosensors crew.

Literature spotlight
February 2019

New method for determining binding kinetics of DNA-binding polyamides in collaboration with Dynamic Biosensors.[link]

We thank M. Fischler (Prof. Simon, RWTH Aachen) for the SEM picture.