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Chemical Biology
Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology
Developing new synthetic methods for the efficient preparation of biologically important molecules. more>
Unravelling the molecular basis of genetic diversity at the RNA level. more>
Devising new approaches for the construction of electronic and medical diagnostic devices using nucleic acids. more>

May 2019

Groovy new paper out discussing sequence-selective recognition of an expanded genetic code. Congratulations to Giacomo, Andrea, Jamie, Linus and John P. [link]

March 2019

A warm welcome to Barbara and Fergus to the group!

February 2019

Cover art featuring our latest paper in Chemistry – A European Journal. Thanks again to Khalid and Giacomo. [link]

Literature spotlight
June 2019

Our latest review on splice-switching therapeutics has been published in Methods. [link]

We thank M. Fischler (Prof. Simon, RWTH Aachen) for the SEM picture.