Research on the interface of Chemistry, Biology and Materials

Chemical Biology
Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology
Developing new synthetic methods for the efficient preparation of biologically important molecules. more>
Unravelling the molecular basis of genetic diversity at the RNA level. more>
Devising new approaches for the construction of electronic and medical diagnostic devices using nucleic acids. more>

May 2018

Congratulations to Rob and Giacomo for passing their PhD vivas. Good luck!

October 2017

We welcome new recruits Charlotte, Emma, Fred and Khalid to the group!

July 2017

We welcome our new summer student Ingrid Labrador Garcia (Autonomous University of Madrid) to the group!

Literature spotlight
January 2018

Our collaborative work with the Eperon group (Leicester) given Breakthrough status in Nucleic Acids Research. Well done to Linus! [link]

We thank M. Fischler (Prof. Simon, RWTH Aachen) for the SEM picture.