Synthesis is the main driver of the group. We develop as well as apply synthetic and biosynthetic principles to prepare biologically active molecules to probe and manipulate gene expression.
Active areas of research in the group include:

  • Chemoselective bioconjugation reactions for the cellular delivery of nucleic acids, peptides and proteins.
  • Synthesis of biologically active small molecules that manipulate gene expression.
  • New step-efficient methodology for the synthesis of biologically-active heterocyclic building blocks.
Relevant Publications Collaboration
Burley, G. A., Davies, D. L., Griffith, G. A., Lee, M., Singh, K., "Cu-Catalyzed N-Alkynylation of Imidazoles, Benzimidazoles, Indazoles, and Pyrazoles Using PEG as Solvent Medium" The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2010, 75, 980-983. [link]

Burley, G.A., Boutadla, Y., Davies, D.L., Singh, K. "Triazoles from N-alkynylheterocycles and their coordination to Iridium"  Organometallics, 2012, 31, 1112-1117. [link]

Dr. Allan Watson
further reading
Vorbruggen.  “Handbook of Nucleoside Synthesis”
Publisher:  John Wiley and Sons Ltd. [link]